Undergraduate Courses -Old

EC 101Intro.Economics I
EC 102Intro.Economics II
EE 101Orientation to Electrical Engineering
EE 142Intro.Digital Systems
EE 201Electrical Circuits I
EE 202Electrical Circuits II
EE 210Introduction to Electrical Engineering (ME, IE, CMPE)
EE 212EE 212
EE 240Digital Systems Design
EE 241Computer Tools for EE
EE 242Numerical Methods for EE
EE 304Energy Conversion
EE 310Illumination
EE 313Probability for EE
EE 333Electronics I
EE 334Electronics II
EE 335Electronics Lab 1
EE 336Electronics Lab 2
EE 352System Dynamics and Control
EE 363Electromagnetic Field Theory
EE 373Signals and Systems
EE 374Communication Eng.
EE 430Solid State Electronics
EE 431Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation
EE 432Digital Electronics
EE 433Communication Electronics
EE 434Design of MOS LSI Circuits
EE 435Industrial Electronics
EE 436Industrial Electronics Laboratory
EE 437Op Amps and Applications
EE 438Design with Integrated Circuits
EE 439Advanced Electronics Lab
EE 443Microprocessors
EE 450Control Technology and Design
EE 451Introduction to Robot Control
EE 453Linear System Theory
EE 454Linear Multivariable Systems
EE 455Application Development Using Java
EE 457Introduction to Optimization Theory
EE 460Introduction to Remote Sensing
EE 461Optical System Design
EE 463Antenna Theory and Design for Wireless Communications
EE 470Mobile Communication
EE 471Introduction to Network Security and Cryptography
EE 473Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
EE 473Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
EE 474Introduction to Optical Fiber Communications
EE 475Introduction to Image Processing
EE 477Introduction to Digital Communication
EE 477Introduction to Digital Communication
EE 478Introduction to Information Theory
EE 479Communication Laboratory
EE 480-489Special Topics
EE 484Management for Engineers
EE 485Introduction to Fuzzy Control
EE 490Special Studies
EE 491Special Projects
EE 492Project
EE 493-499Special Topics
PHYS 391Physical Electronics I
PHYS 392Physical Electronics II
PHYS 462Solid State Electronics