Telecommunications Laboratory

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The telecommunication laboratory provides the students with a hands-on experience on several aspects of analog and digital communications. In addition to hosting applied research opportunities for graduate students, the laboratory also serves the undergraduate- and graduate-level courses: EE 479 Telecommunications Laboratory and EE 562 Microwaves. 

The screened room (Faraday's Cage) located within the laboratory blocks out external electric fields and allows the researchers to accurately design and test communications transmitters and receivers. Current research conducted in this section of the lab includes the design of robust ultra-wideband (UWB) communications transceivers.


The telecommunications experiment sets along with the basic measuring instruments and spectrum analyzers serve the EE 479 Telecommunications Laboratory course. The students conduct hardware experiments on several aspects of telecommunications covering a broad spectrum starting from basic analog-to-digital conversion to advanced digital modulation schemes. Additionally, several personal computers with LabView software installed are provided in the lab to allow students design and verify software experiments.

 The microwave experiment sets, microwave signal generators, and associated measuring instruments allow the students of the graduate-level course EE 562 Microwaves to design and experiment with several aspects of microwave transmission lines.

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