Qualification Exam

Students who are enrolled in the PhD program must be successful in the PhD qualification exam within three semesters after completing their courses. Doctoral candidates can start their thesis studies only after successfully completing this exam. Students who are not successful in the doctoral qualification exam within the specified time period will return to the beginning of the doctoral program. Students will be enrolled in the “Q” semester to get the doctoral qualification exam.

You must have taken a valid foreign language test before the PhD qualification exam. Also, you must submit the result of your foreign language test to the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Be careful in this regard. Starting from 2013,  “Yabancı Dil Bilgisi Seviye Tespit Sınavı (YDS)” will be done instead of the “KPDS” and “ÜDS”. For YDS dates, follow the OSYM exam schedule of the relevant year.

The minimum requirements regarding the foreign language exams by the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences are as follows:

TOEFL: 66 points - 2 years

UDS: 55 points - 3 years

KPDS: 55 points - (consult FBE for validity of your exam)

YDS: (consult FBE for validity of your exam)

The PhD qualification exam consists of written and oral parts. Written and oral examination juries consist of 5 people and 1 substitute, including the student's advisor, 3 persons from the permanent qualification committee. The remaining jury member and the substitute member must not be a member of Boğaziçi University. Jury members must be appointed by the student’s advisor during the Q semester.

All students take the written examination together on a date to be determined after the formation of all juries. The students who pass the written examination are entitled to take oral examinations.

The oral examinations will be arranged for each student individually by that student's advisor.

In order for written exam questions to be prepared in time, all jury members should be appointed as soon as possible. Please speak with your advisor and make sure that all jury members, including the substitute member, are identified during the first four weeks of your application.  At this stage, you also need to report your thesis topic.

In addition, during the first three weeks of the qualifying semester, you need to send the following to the head of the PhD qualification committee:

1) Your undergraduate, Masters and PhD transcripts,

2) The contents of the courses you have taken in Masters and PhD programs (for EE699 the subject and one paragraph summary are needed, for other courses catalog definitions suffice.)

3) A short CV,

4) A half page document that summarizes the topic of your thesis.



1. Delivery of the documents mentioned above (transcripts, postgraduate course content, CV, thesis topic summary) to the head of the PhD qualification committee in the first three weeks of the semester,

2. Inform the head of the PhD qualification committee about the jury members in the first four weeks of the semester,

3. Delivery of results of the foreign language examinations to the Graduate School of Science before the written examination.



The written exam consists of six questions: four general questions for all candidates and two candidate-specific questions. The test duration is 3 hours.

One of the four general questions will be about basic electrical-electronics engineering knowledge or mathematics (EE201, EE202, differential equations, etc.). The other three general questions will be about the electronics (EE333, EE334), control (EE352) and communications (EE373, EE374) options. You can check the catalog descriptions of these courses on the undergraduate curriculum page.

The candidate-specific questions are prepared by the student's advisor and the jury member, who is not a member of Boğaziçi University, taking into consideration the student's background during her postgraduate study.

The student is expected to answer five of these six questions. These are the basic engineering questions, 2 option questions and 2 post-graduate questions. In order to qualify for the oral examination, a score of at least 60 out of 100 is required from the written examination.

In the oral examination,  student’s PhD examination jury asks questions to measure the adequacy of the student. These questions are about the three options (electronics, control, communication) and student's undergraduate courses / studies.

Candidates may contact the head of the PhD qualification committee for further information on the exam.


Candidates who are successful in the exam have to form their thesis monitoring committees within 30 days and defend their thesis proposals until the end of the semester following the examination.


Burak Acar

Yağmur Denizhan

Ahmet Öncü

Murat Saraçlar

Oğuzhan Çiçekoğlu