Electronics Curriculum

Course Category Fall Semester Spring Semester
Compulsory Undergraduate Courses EE333 Electronics I EE334 Electronics II
EE335 Electronics Laboratory I EE336 Electronics Laboratory II
EE433 Communication Electronics EE338 Electronics
EE439 Electronics Laboratory III EE432 Electronics III
Compulsory Graduate Courses EE535 Introduction to MEMs    
EE537 Introduction to VLSI Design    
EE631 Advanced Electronic Circuits    
Compulsory Option Courses
(One course from respective pools)
    EE536 Applications of MEMs
    EE632 System Design with Microelectronic Devices
    EE638 Advanced VLSI Design
 Elective Courses EE633 Computational Aspects of VLSI EE540 Advanced Digital Design with HDL
EE639 Current Mode Circuits EE640 Microprocessor System Design
EE681 Process Architecture and Device Design EE562* Microwaves
EE531* Television Engineering EE634* Integrated Electronics
EE635* Theory of Electronic Devices    
 * Alternate Years